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Simple, Intelligent People Management System (formely HRMS)

Graphically attractive and very user friendly online application, which thinks like an HR Manager. It has got all the features required right from Master table data management, attendance, document management, payroll, reporting etc. It works hand in hand with an offline software which collects information about attendance from Biometric devices.

"We have managed to make it very very simple to use"

Extensive Employee Data Management

Every detail of the employee right from onboard to leaving is captured in the application. Each of the events (promotions, accolades, etc.) also have respective sections to maintain the data. All this information is supported with exhaustive search mechanism to generate data for a single employee or in groups.

Information categories - Personal, Employement, Education, Dependants, Attendance & Leaves, Payroll, Documents etc.

Attendance and Payroll

Our customized tools allows to fetch Attendance information from local Biometric devices. This is than synced online and we calculated attendance based on the (defined/undefined) job shifts (or timings). Our intelligent way of handling this attendance, ensures that we can never go wrong.

Admin can define structures of payroll for every individual employee or a group. Based on this structure, the attendances records and the approved leaves, the application allows the Admin to generate the payroll sheet. Additionally, this data can be generated for specific bifurcations for Government department filling, employee funds etc.

The best part of payroll system is that, the Admin has a complete control of the payroll/billing cycle. It can be selected at start of the month, middle of the month, or defining custom month of specific days.

Detailed Report Generation

The application supports custom querying interface, that allows the Admin to generates reports by applying filters of his/her choice and defining the custom output template. The output is downloadble file in Microsoft Excel format, PDF, CSV as chosen by the Admin.

Highlights - Create report template and set triggers to be generated and mailed (automation), Report generation is possible of all data which is entered into the system

User Self-Help Portal

We Purple we have attempted to smoothen the functions of HR by channelizing all communication to-from employees on the portal itself. Every major function that reqruied exchange of words, queries to be raised or clarrifications required Purple ensures a presense of the channel with which such commnications is cartegorically displayed at the Admin end.

Purples issues notificaitons to the users when using the application and also sends emails to respective users when required.

Highlights - User can view their data and request for modification, view/generate payslips, view/enquire attendance etc.

Central Admin and User Hierarchy

Purple provides a modular and granular control to customize the application. This control is provided to the Super Administrative (SA) user. The SA can create more users with different roles, authentications and authorizations. Enabling them righful access to certain data and restricting access to sections which is not required.

Unlike traditional ways of working of granting/denying access, Purple provides more filtered mecahnism to provide read/write/reporting access likely sections.

Value Addition

Unsaid Purple is the simple, easy to use and practically usable HRMS application available. To deliver even richer user experience, Purple comes with loads of plugins to simplify and automate workflows.

Highlights - SMS Integration, Email Integration, Custom triggers, Workflow defining, User/Deparment specific rules and actions, Reminders, Notifications, Templating (SMS, Email, Document, etc.), Cloud based backup systems, Malware checkup for uploads etc.


Online modules are in the process of being developed, the pricing structures will be released soon. Currently we support only 'On-Premise' and 'Managed Dedicated Cloud' Installations.

Why Purple ?

Best industry practices, mixed with utmost simplicity of usage and all these at very affordable prices, makes Purple a must have HRMS for your organizations. If you are already using some other HRMS we provide migrations utility to accomplish this.

Simple, easy and straighforward

Really! Its a very simple to use tool with all functionality right at the fingertip. If you know your process well, you already know the software.

Crafted with 'Industry Best Practice'

Doubtful of your HR process validation? Dont worry, we got you covered. Purple incorporates default settings for the application which are build over 'Industry Best Practices' and loads of our Experience.

HR Friendly

The most important! All the responsibilities and duties of the HR are well taken care in the application. Once its setup, the application serves as a Intelligent best friend of the HR.

Enterprise level infrastructure

Purple is build over stable technology infrastructure, which is de facto of industry/enterprise standards. You do not need to worry about application stability, crashes, loss of data or data security .. we got it covered.

Easy import/export

To provide and easy inclusion in the current organizations ecosphere, Purple has an inbuild tool to migrate information from other HR systems or manual records management system. This is most powerful tool to help you structure the data and categorically update it in Purple .. Automatically.

Loads of Automation

Every HR process is a variant of the best practices, and we respect that. Purple is loaded with tons of automation tools to enable HR Department to customized the application at its level to adapt to their working style and processes.

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